Engine 8 was organized March 15, 1871 at 143 Race Street in the quarters formerly occupied by the Vigilant Fire Company. The city paid $833.33 in rent for 1871.

The original company roster was as follows:
Foreman Henry H. Smith
Engineer Charles Cooper
Driver Richard H. Jennings
Fireman Charles G. Newkirk
Hoseman William A. Cahill
Hoseman John Burns
Hoseman M.J. McLaughlin
Hoseman James Mack
Hoseman William A. Spiskey
Hoseman Cornelius Foley
Hoseman Henry C. Ridgway
Hoseman John Murray

Mrs. Lawrence was the company matron.

Hoseman William Spiskey was promoted to Foreman and assigned to Engine 2 on April 1, 1875. He resided at 112 Race Street. On February 19, 1878, while off duty, Spiskey intervened in a dispute between two of his neighbors, Dennis Haley and Cornelius Ochsline. He walked Ochsline home and when walking back to the scene of the fight was hit in the head with a paving stone by Haley. Foreman Spiskey was taken to Pennsylvania Hospital. He never recovered from his injuries and died on March 16, 1878. The incident was declared a murder by the police.

During 1902 Engine 8 moved to a new firehouse at 147 N. 2nd Street. They would remain here until October 22, 1952, when they moved to 319 Race Street with Ladder 2. Both companies would move again on July 10, 1968. On that date, they moved to a new station at 4th and Arch Streets. Engine 8 was disbanded January 5, 2009 after nearly 138 years of service to Olde City.

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